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If you're looking to get more fun out of campaign mode for the original Halo, and also Halo 3, ODST and Reach, you're in the right place because there are almost 900,000 words of cyborg-happy yammering here, largely devoted to that goal. For the original there's a massive section of fun including detailed accounts of the five megabattles, and there's also a large section of combat tips to help you in the field. You'll find plenty more besides, including some biting frontline insights from ace reporter Suzie. I'm also busy making movies and adding pictures to my written material (click thumbnails to enlarge), to enhance the Bad Cyborg experience. So come on in and get a bit of red mist worked up under your visor!

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To help get you started, here are some random pictures from articles on the site. See anything of interest? Click to enlarge, or click a caption to jump to the relevant page.

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  • April 19th: Rockslide megabattle - far area defence with plasma combo
    I felt the need to get zappy. So following up on my last movie, BCM102 shows a double play of the far area defence using plasma weapons. Hectic business!
  • April 16th: Rockslide megabattle - far area defence with pistol
    BCM101 shows a double play of the far area defence in the rockslide megabattle, using a pistol.
  • April 9th: Trapped dropship - and BCM100!
    For the hundredth movie in my series, I bring you the spectacle of a covie dropship trapped by a bridge. BCM100 also features some mid-air Banshee reboarding! Plus I've posted an article, Trapped dropship.
  • March 31st: Detached dropship turret tutorials
    I've finally done some tutorial movies for getting a detached dropship turret. BCM98 shows how you can set things up for making detachment attempts, and BCM99 demonstrates detachment technique.
  • February 10th: More freakiness and fun
    My fifth 'freakiness and fun' compilation is here, namely BCM97.
  • February 2nd: Hunter versus Wraith
    Had some impromptu fun during a kill 'em all run a few days ago - as seen in BCM96.
  • January 29th: Dustbowl megabattle movies
    Two noisy dustbowl megabattle movies for you. BCM94 features the cliff path defence which has long needed a better showing, and BCM95 is another dose of ramp defence with needler and AR.
  • January 25th: Wandering frags and weapons
    More weirdness! Following up on my last two movies, BCM93 shows some wandering frags and weapons.
  • January 19th: Rising and sinking plasma grenades
    Another pair of movies already! BCM91 was prompted by an unusual sight while working on BCM90, and the related movie BCM92 uses footage I've had waiting since 2010.
  • January 15th: Twin bridges megabattle movies
    I fancied some twin bridges megabattling, so here's a pair of movies for you, each of which is a double play. BCM89 involves some long-range left side defence with a squad of Marines, while in BCM90 I engage in some hectic solo combat in the trough.
  • December 31st: Detached turret movie - first success
    As my first movie on the matter of getting a detached dropship turret, BCM88 shows some entertaining early failures and my cliff-skimming first success.
  • December 27th: Detached dropship turret
    Big new article posted, detailing the remarkable business of detaching and playing with a dropship turret in AOTCR. See Detached dropship turret. Movies coming later!
  • November 29th: Grunts versus Flood
    After way too long without an update, I'm back, with something you should enjoy. My new movie BCM87 is a grunty extravaganza relating to my newly expanded article Grunts versus Flood. Don't miss it!