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If you're looking to get more fun out of campaign mode for the original Halo, and also Halo 3, ODST and Reach, you're in the right place because there are almost a million words of cyborg-happy yammering here, largely devoted to that goal. For the original there's a massive section of fun including detailed accounts of the five megabattles, and there's also a large section of combat tips to help you in the field. You'll find plenty more besides, including some biting frontline insights from ace reporter Suzie. I'm also busy making movies and adding pictures to my written material (click thumbnails to enlarge), to enhance the Bad Cyborg experience. So come on in and get a bit of red mist worked up under your visor!

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To help get you started, here are some random pictures from articles on the site. See anything of interest? Click to enlarge, or click a caption to jump to the relevant page.

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  • May 4th: Oblivious covies, and Grunts on the prowl
    I've posted a new article Oblivious muster bay covies, and BCM179 is a Grunt special on that topic - not to be missed if you're a Grunt fan!
  • April 28th: Fun with an oddly stuck Banshee
    Lots of cyborg mischief going on in BCM178, involving an oddly stuck Banshee!
  • April 20th: Bridge Banshee grab article revision
    I've completed a major revision of my bridge Banshee grab article, and it now includes an account of my refined arch method.
  • April 13th: Legendary PAL speed run with Banshee grab
    BCM177 introduces my new and more controlled grabbing method - in an actual speed run! But Sligfantry has been making an improvement too; see the newsflash in my movie description.
  • April 8th: Bridge banshee grab article
    I've put together an article on the bridge Banshee grab, though it's likely to do a bit of evolving as the investigation continues. It includes a few new recipes, which could be helpful.
  • April 4th: Legendary segmented speed run with Banshee grab
    More Banshee grabbing action! After a spot of success yesterday, I bring you a segmented Legendary PAL speed run in just 5:47, demonstrating how the current AOTCR speed records can be blown to smithereens. Check out BCM176!
  • April 3rd: Bridge Banshee hunt
    Following a tip-off from Sligfantry concerning an interesting new development, I went Banshee hunting back on March 24th. Check out BCM175!
  • April 1st: Precise self-positioning
    Just a minor post this. I've added a short article on precise self-positioning, something relevant to my recently refined V-start Shade ride. Separate news: hot movie imminent!
  • March 24th: Johnson's hidden all-clear speech
    Yep, sarge is talking about toys and snowballs again - in my tutorial BCM174. Also I've updated my article about the speech.
  • March 20th: Refined Shade riding
    More bridge descent stuff. I've made a big reliability improvement for the V-start Shade ride method, and also an improvement for the standard Shade ride method. Check out the updated pages and see BCM173. I've also revised the page on Easiest methods.
  • March 9th: Two more bridge descent methods
    My bridge descent guide now has a page for Sligfantry's second plateau base rock method, plus one for a new method with the same run-off point; and the methods are shown in BCM172. Also, in the guide I've now given all methods a short descriptive name for easy reference. High time too!
  • Feb 25th: Maw Banshee snatch, ejecting the other pilot
    Hey, I've got a way of ejecting a Banshee pilot! Check out BCM171. Also, I've formed a separate page about fun with a snatched Banshee, and it includes a section on this new business.
  • Feb 20th: Maw Banshee snatch, rooftop fun
    My latest Banshee snatch movie BCM170 covers some excellent rooftop fun you can have with the remaining enemy Banshee. More fun to come!
  • Feb 15th: Rockslide megabattle double bill
    Here are two more movies using my rockslide megabattle save featuring 11 Marines in the far area. In BCM168 it's all about needling, while in BCM169 I get busy with a sniper rifle.
  • January 5th: Maw Banshee snatch, Freaky Shade Elite
    Meet a quirky fellow with a special ability, in BCM167. I've also added a short section about this guy to my article on the Banshee snatch.
  • December 18th: Banshee battling, stunt drive special
    Time to get dizzy in a hog, in BCM166.
  • November 22nd: Cavern megabattle bridge assault trio
    Time for some hectic action, courtesy of the cavern megabattle's bridge assault plan - in BCM165.
  • November 16th: Freakiness and fun #13
    More freakiness and fun for you in BCM164, my thirteenth compliation.
  • November 9th: Maw Banshee snatch without overloading!
    Whoa, got something good here. Another twist on a classic old trick. Watch my new movie BCM163, then get details in the related new article Banshee snatch without overloading!.
  • October 29th: Maw Banshee snatch, journey to the hangar
    More novel fun with a snatched Banshee, in BCM162! Lots of stuff in there. I've also expanded the part of my article which deals with such fun. There's more text and three more pics.
  • October 25th: Maw Banshee snatch, rendezvous exploration
    So, after a bit of a delay here's my first exploration movie with a snatched Banshee: BCM161.
  • October 11th: Maw Banshee snatch - maximizing flight time
    Want to get every last second of flight time with your snatched Banshee? Check out BCM160.
  • October 7th: Maw Banshee snatch - faster!
    This took a load of work, but I'm done at last. Check out my big new article Maw Banshee snatch - faster!, and tutorial movie BCM159.