BCM379 - Coastal plateau fun, Warthog descent

(6:33) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. Some other coastal plateau fun you can have with the Warthog is to drive off to get down. Either driving off at speed, or in some places sliding down. That's the theme of this final instalment. And as a bonus, watch out for a particularly amusing Jackal splatter!

Released September 17th 2019, gameplay recorded September 15th-17th 2019.


00:02 (Easy descents on the tower side) To get things started, four quick examples of descending on the tower side of the plateau. Simple stuff really.

00:48 (Dropping in on the Jackal) You can add a bit more spice by dropping in on the entrance guard if you've got one. In the third clip I splatter the Jackal in comical manner. Took quite a lot of takes to get that. Each time, I first of all went to the edge and fired a pistol shot to get his attention, so he'd hopefully wander over to that area. His location was quite variable though, so most of the time the hog missed. I just had to keep doing it until I got lucky.

01:39 (Onto the lower bulge) Here's a bit of play on the lower bulge. One thing of interest: you can get a nice 'avalanche' of rubble tumbling down and showering off the edge. Pretty!

02:31 (Sliding down) Next, three clips on the theme of sliding the hog down. Normally the hog ends up overturned, but in the third example I manage a sort of spin dismount and land the hog upright.

03:46 (Ramping off the end) You get the most spectacular descents by ramping off into the valley. As the first two clips show however, the fall distance is too great to survive without hitting something on the way down to slow you up. Most of the remaining clips involve hitting the lower bulge but the Jackal mound can serve as well. Things are perilous even if you do get slowed, but there's a decent chance of survival.

Closing remarks I could've got a checkpoint to serve as a handy starting point for all that descending, particularly in regard to ramping off the far end, but I decided not to bother, and to instead have quite a bit of swerving in the movie (getting into run-up position), for extra dynamism.