BCM319 - Arc of death, six plays

(6:16) Level 2 ('Halo') on Legendary. Continuing with the 'arc of death', here are six plays. Four of them use the save seen created in the last movie, and the other two use a save from 2005. You can tell that save because it's got two Jackals instead of one, and there are lots of bodies at the rock on the right.

Released November 16th 2018, gameplay recorded November 11th-14th 2018.


00:02 (Play 1) Nice big bang to get things started, and an Elite goes flying high.

00:45 (Play 2) Here's an example of the 'high bombardment' tactic I mentioned in my article. It really decimates the covies.

01:27 (Play 3) Another tactic: going up on the cover rock. At one point I jump to clear a plasma ball. And not long after, an Elite sails across the sky and I score a mid-air shot for fun. The play lasts longer than the others because I don't advance until right at the end.

03:09 (Play 4) Here I'm using the 2005 save. In this play I kill some covies near the rock on the right, to build up more loose plasmas for a big bang. And I'm not disappointed!

04:17 (Play 5) Another high bombardment, this time comprising four frags and a plasma. Pretty good payoff, and I close with a Grunt launch.

05:04 (Play 6) Using the 2005 save again. In this final play I get close to the main explosion. Loudest bang of the movie. In the climax I needle a Jackal who was returning to the fight after losing his shield earlier, in a grenade blast. Right at the end, I let the Echo 419 checkpoint occur.

Closing remarks Typically I don't have captions in a combat movie, but I decided to have some here because the movie also has a tutorial aspect to it, showing some of the things you can do.

I did most of that play on the 11th. The only exception was the first play, obtained from a further session of carnage on the 14th (it replaced the original play I had there).

In regard to the 2005 save I used for plays 4 and 6, let me mention that at the start of that save, the covies are off to the left, unlike usual where you'd typically have some covies near the rock on the right. If I recall correctly, I deliberately arranged that, influencing them with my positioning. At the start of play 6 you see a blue Elite running over to the rock. That was barely a second into the save. In play 4 however, I cut about seven seconds of covie movement at the start, which is why you don't see the run.