BCM256 - Rockslide megabattle, 12-man far area defence, pistol & AR x2

(6:00) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. After a bit of a break from movie-making, let's see if I can get things rolling again with some good ol' rockslide megabattling. Specifically I'm doing far area defence (the best combat scenario in the entire game) aided by 11 Marines, against 33 covies. I've featured this save in many previous movies, but this time I'm using a pistol and AR, a combo I haven't shown before.

Released November 8th 2017, gameplay recorded November 6th-7th 2017.


00:02 (Play 1) On my drive to the defence location I do a U-turn near the lifeboat and make a load of Jackals dive. One Grunt is splattered in the process.

00:36 Having swapped my needler for an AR, my defence begins by picking off a Jackal with pistol fire. Soon a blue Elite is galloping up to the Marines, but I hurt him with a frag then finish with AR fire. Backing off, I see another blue charging forth, but he stops when he runs into my plasma grenade. A nice start.

00:53 A third blue approaches, this time on the right. I get in a few pistol shots but then he's about to get hidden by the hog, so I throw a frag and move across. It lands right in front of him, and after the bang I finish him with a few more pistol shots.

01:02 I briefly switch attention to the left, peppering a Jackal, but soon there's another blue Elite advancing. I shake him up with a frag and try to finish him with AR fire, but he's obscured by the hog and finished by Marine fire I think. My plasma grenade is wasted; he's already dead by the time it goes off. Just as he's dying I get hit by a plasma ball from the right. Gotta watch those Jackals! I take him out with a frag, though it was thrown a bit short.

01:26 After attacking various covies, I hear Johnson dying on the left. Looks like he took some nasty fire from a red Elite. I throw a plasma which makes the assailant dive, and a Grunt dives too but he's been tagged - and the resulting blast kills both. I kill a second red soon after with pistol fire, finishing with a zoomed headshot after reloading. Meanwhile the final Elite is attacking the Marines on the right and I charge over, putting him down with AR fire.

01:57 The mopping-up phase goes without much trouble, culminating with the tagging of a Jackal on the head, which takes out a Grunt too. Lost a lot of Marines in this battle though; looks like only three left.

02:49 (Play 2) A Jackal and two Grunts get splattered during my drive, but the most amusing bit is when I pass a confused Grunt who's throwing a plasma the wrong way entirely ("Tossin' one!"). That cracks me up every time I see it.

03:23 A blue Elite advances from the central gap and I throw a plasma his way. He seems to dodge it at the last moment, but then dawdles as I pepper him with pistol fire - until the blast kills him. I take care of three Jackals on the left soon after, with frags and a bit more pistol fire.

03:40 The next Elite charges forth and gets killed in much the same way as the last. Things get more hectic after that, with two Elites advancing at once: a red on the right and a blue on the left. I shake the red with a frag but don't quite have enough time to finish him with AR fire before realizing that the blue is almost upon me. I throw a grenade, possibly thinking to tag him, but actually it was a frag. It makes him dive and it also shunts the hog - which then lands on him. The red goes down from AR fire soon after.

04:02 I briefly pay some attention to covies on the left, including a nasty red Elite, but then a blue runs out and I tag him at close range after picking up a trio of plasmas. I also throw a good frag towards a pair of blue-shielded Jackals in front of the big rock, and as a bonus it sets off a loose plasma which takes out an Elite. The final Elite kills Johnson before I put him down with pistol fire.

04:36 I throw quite a nice long frag to take out a Jackal on the right, then advance on some Grunts with pistol fire. Just as I switch to my AR and pick up four plasmas, I hear a Jackal firing a plasma ball from some way behind me, and dodge right just before it hits. I throw one of the plasmas towards a yellow-shielded Jackal but it's a bit short and doesn't quite kill him. Takes a pistol shot, after a short pursuit.

05:03 For fun I throw a few long-range plasmas at the final Jackal, but he gets clear so I settle for pistol fire, before having a bit of fun with two remaining Grunts.

05:33 Eight Marines survive, but I notice one doing a bit of a shuffle. Feeling agitated buddy? I snap him out if it with a pistol round, but he doesn't appreciate it much.

Closing remarks Nice to get back to a bit of covie slaying! But wait, I'm not done yet. We need some needle action! Next movie…