BCM134 - Freakiness and fun, assorted clips

(5:31) Various levels and difficulties. My ninth 'freakiness and fun' compilation shows 18 freaky or amusing incidents, most of which occurred while recording footage for my usual movies - so you may recognize some of the situations.

Released March 4th 2015, gameplay recorded 2011-2014.


00:02 (Bad escape route) While speeding through the first room I throw a plasma grenade up to try to get an unseen platform Grunt, and he takes a novel escape route, diving through a broken window. Straight into my path. Bad idea grunty! March 2014 footage from a kill 'em all speed run with covie weapons. Level 5, Legendary.

00:16 (High-flying Hunter) After tagging a pursuing Hunter who's somewhat out of his usual territory, I quickly add some needles to produce an extra-big bang, sending him high. June 2014 footage from when I was recording for BCM106. Level 4, Legendary.

00:27 (Head case) After getting the gold Elite mad, I jump onto the bridge support and he follows. I'd been expecting him to fall (I was trying to get him to end up on the ledge), but where's he gone? Aha! Found him. It's not every day you have an Elite standing on your head. After a few moments I give him a whack, and he falls at last. February 2011 footage. Level 5, Heroic.

00:58 (Lucky escape) On our way to the lifeboat area in a rockslide megabattle, the hog gets tagged by a Grunt. It flips and lands upright, and I'm still alive, along with a Marine who lost his seat. Johnson was too weak though. September 2013 footage from when I was recording for BCM85. Level 2, Heroic.

01:12 (Double descent) After zapping a red Elite on a kill 'em all speed run, I skip past two Hunters and lead them to the edge of the chasm, where I dodge the pair of them. Silly chumps. I didn't pause long to watch their descent; I was on the clock after all. March 2014 footage from a kill 'em all speed run with covie weapons. Level 5, Legendary.

01:32 (Stacker in the groove) In this rockslide megabattle Stacker gets into quite a nice groove with his frag grenades, throwing three in quick succession. The second kills a Grunt and the third gets an Elite mad. October 2014 footage from around the time I was working on BCM119. Level 2, Heroic.

01:49 (Vanishing hit) After doing a spot of mid-air reboarding in an effort to get a detached turret, I see that instead the dropship has got caught up in the bridge. Must've flipped it too early. When I ram it for fun, it vanishes. Looks amusing, but it wasn't actually the ram which caused the disappearance of course. I just happened to ram it at the time it was scheduled to vanish. January 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM124. Level 5, Heroic.

02:08 (Gonna kill himself too!) Yep, it's those Grunts on the bridge again. One of them cries "He's gonna kill us all!", and then when I throw a frag it lands a bit shorter than intended. Seeing the loose plasma grenades just ahead of me, I'm pretty much waiting for what comes next. October 2012 footage from when I was recording for BCM55. Level 3, Normal.

02:22 (Jittery hog) Nearing the end of a rockslide megabattle I notice the hog jiggling about, down at the gap through which a lot of covies have been arriving. I don't think there's anything really freaky about this - you can probably see this sort of thing without much trouble on various sloping bits of ground - but I thought it looked amusing. October 2014 footage a few days after releasing BCM119. Level 2, Heroic.

02:35 (Pop-up plasma) Dismounting as we approach the Wraith, I tag the pilot on the head just as he's dropping into his seat, but the grenade pops back up to a position well above the Wraith's nose. An interesting effect which was seen to lesser degree in BCM108, and which I talked about in the commentary's closing remarks. This is one of the two most striking examples I got. June 2014 footage from when I was recording for BCM108. Level 5, Legendary.

02:51 (Jittery Shade) This Shade seems to have the jitters! It's just another example of what you saw with the hog though. This action is from just after the final footage of my first turret ramming movie BCM124. In that movie you can see it jiggling away quite nicely in the final seconds. I noticed it, and thought it was potentially worth featuring in one of these 'freakiness and fun' movies. July 2014 footage from when I was working on BCM111. Level 5, Heroic.

03:05 (Pop-up plasma 2) This is other striking example I got of a plasma grenade popping back up after tagging a pilot on the head. In fact I tagged this guy on the nose, which must've really smarted! As I recall, the reason I didn't include either of these two plays in BCM108 was because I preferred not to put attention on this freaky phenomenon, instead focusing on more normal dynamics. And by the way, that third Ghost got closer to me faster than expected, which is why I ended up getting myself killed. June 2014 footage from when I was recording for BCM108. Level 5, Legendary.

03:29 (Take your own advice?) In this far area defence in a rockslide megabattle, Stacker shouts "Run!" when a plasma grenade lands nearby, but then he just stands there waiting to be killed. Should've taken his own advice, no? August 2012 footage from when I was recording for BCM52. Level 2, Heroic.

03:42 (Wriggler) This Banshee gets all wriggly when I tag it. There was a bit of that also in BCM26; see clip 20 at around 4:23. March 2014 footage from a kill 'em all speed run with covie weapons. Level 5, Legendary.

03:53 (Bail fail) After grabbing the sniper rifle and rocket launcher I board the hog for a getaway, and decide to squish a Grunt who's been on a bit of a grenade spree. Instead of trying to dive clear he continues a throw, and the grenade ends up fizzing on the hog. I bail but the explosion shreds my health, and I'm almost instantly finished off by plasma fire from behind. Blinkin' Jackals! August 2013 footage from when I was recording for BCM80. Level 5, Legendary.

04:08 (Rocket riposte) Ascending through the main facility, I reach some Grunts whose Elite leader has already been killed. As one of them throws a plasma grenade I move to the side and whack him, but fall off the walkway, which puts paid to any hope of achieving a fast ascent time. When the whacked Grunt says "It'll take more than that tin-man!" I oblige with a rocket. June 2014 footage from when I was recording for BCM106. Level 4, Legendary.

04:20 (Traffic jam) After killing some combat Flood in this Wraith room, a few spores seem to be somewhat stuck in their eagerness to come and nibble on me. I thought that was amusing, but there's something else of interest here too. There seem to be three spores here, but for several seconds the two on the right are exactly merged, sharing the same motions. Perhaps that was due to the confined space limiting the degree to which behavioural randomness was able to apply. When I eventually pop the one on the left, the other two momentarily separate before popping. September 2014 footage from when I was recording for BCM118. Level 9, Normal.

04:38 (Death march) Here's an amusing episode which occurred on a kill 'em all speed run, subsequently abandoned. After killing the cloaked guards in the tower and grenading the guys in the long passage, I was ready to rocket the Elites up the ramp, but they weren't there. I got cloaked and went up, and found that they'd both jumped down, which is unusual. Moreover, they were heading back to the balcony in distinctly casual manner, bearing in mind the havoc I'd been wreaking. At that point I started recording for a possible 'freakiness and fun' clip. I wasn't sure how I'd kill them, but in the end I decided to throw a grenade to get their attention, then I rocketed them. The grenade finishes the job. September 2014 footage from a kill 'em all speed run with pistol and rocket launcher. Level 5, Legendary.

Closing remarks Three clips were from when I was trying kill 'em all speed runs on foot with covie weapons. I'd had such a run in mind for KSR3 but I never did get around to actually making that movie. I'd like to've released a load of kill 'em all speed runs by now, but sadly almost nobody seems interested in that type, which hasn't exactly added to my incentive. I remain interested in showing good fast combat though, so there's still hope for releasing more. At present though, I don't think YouTube lets me upload videos more than 15 minutes long, because I'm still holding back from linking to Google+ (cue Grunt spitting sound). So that's no good.

In regard to those dustbowl megabattle Grunts on the bridge, that was my final clip, out of the ones I collected during the making of BCM55. So you probably won't be seeing those jokers again for a while. Not on the bridge anyway.